That Grand Easter Day – Review

One of the best things about being a children's author is all of the many wonderful people I've meet along the way. Of them all, one of my absolute favorites is my critique partner, Jill Roman Lord. Jill lives in Charlotte, NC and is a nurse anesthetist, a runner, and a Christian children's author with … Continue reading That Grand Easter Day – Review


New for 2018 – Book Reviews

New addition to the blog this year: children's book reviews!  Last year I did an amazing thing! I set a goal to read 375 picture books, but I surpassed that goal and read 420+ picture books and a slew of chapter books. The more I read; the more I developed a system to know what … Continue reading New for 2018 – Book Reviews

Wrapping Up 2017 & Celebrating My Accomplishments (the Anti-Resolution Revolution)

A year ago, I stumbled on a writing challenge called the 12 Days of Christmas for Writers. This series of daily writing exercises really helped me bring 2016 to a close and plan for the year ahead. I'm doing the challenge again this year and find that it is super-helpful (almost in a cleansing/freeing way) … Continue reading Wrapping Up 2017 & Celebrating My Accomplishments (the Anti-Resolution Revolution)

Halloweensie Story #2: PUMPKINS ON PARADE

Who doesn't love pumpkins this time of year? Let's see what these pumpkins are doing during their midnight stroll through the neighborhood! PUMPKINS ON PARADE Bumbling pumpkins in a line, Fat ones, thin ones; all are fine. Some hop on stems or roll around, Some somersault across the ground. Monster pumpkins with sharp claws, scary … Continue reading Halloweensie Story #2: PUMPKINS ON PARADE

Halloween Is Here – Time for Spooky Stories!

In keeping with tradition, I'm participating in Susanna Leonard Hill 7th Annual Halloweensie Writing Contest! Here's the first story for you. I'm hoping to generate another before the day is over! Hope you enjoy my first >100 word story using some form of the words: Candy Corn, Monster, and Shadow. WAREWOLF'S SPOOKTACULAR HALLOWEEN PARTY Ghosts and … Continue reading Halloween Is Here – Time for Spooky Stories!