Maria’s List of Fire Safety Books

Good morning, friends! Several people have asked for a list of Fire Safety Books and while I could go on and on and on (literally), here are twenty books that I would recommend reading!



Arthur’s Fire Drill                                      By: Marc Brown


Dial 9-1-1!                                                      By: Charles Ghigna


Fire Drill                                                        By: Paul DuBois Jacobs & Jennifer Swender


Fire! Fire! Hurry! Hurry!                         By: Andrea Zimmerman and David Clemesha


Firefighters’ Busy Day                               By: Maria Bostian


Firefighter Ted                                              By: Andrea Beaty & Pascal Lemaitre


Fluffy and the Firefighters                        By: Kate McMullan


Get Out. Stay Out!                                         By: Charles Ghigna


I’m Brave!                                                         By: Kate & Jim McMullen


Kai to the Rescue!                                          By: Audrey Penn


No Dragons for Tea                                       By: Jean E. Pendziwol


Miss Mingo and the Fire Drill                    By: Jamie Harper


Moby Shinobi: Ninja at the Firehouse     By: Luke Flowers


My Mom is a Firefighter                               By: Lois G. Grambling


Plan and Prepared!                                       By: Charles Ghigna


Sparky The Fire Dog                                      By: Don Hoffman


Stop, Drop, and Roll!                                     By: Charles Ghigna


Stop, Drop and Roll                                        By: Margery Cuyler


The Story of Sparky the Fire Dog               Available at:


What Should Daisy Do?                                By: Maria Bostian


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