Create a Beach or Boat Tote

So my dear, sweet husband bought us a 20-year-old pontoon last week. It sounds really rough, but honestly, it is in really good shape and… I am completely wrapped up into going to the lake now. I’m hooked!

So, since my mind wonders to boating trips quite often, I’ve searched Pinterest a time or two for pontoon ideas. This Beach & Boat Tote popped up and it looks perfect for carrying summer essentials for you, the kids, grandkids, etc.


I love this type of carry-all caddy anyway. I’ve had them for teaching, for storing make-up, etc. so this idea of a summer grab & go  kit really appeals to me.

Summer essentials for spending the day in the sun - sunglasses, tanning lotion and chapstick.

For the record… the After Bite – Kid’s tube, is an absolutely “must have” for the summer. And make sure you get the Kid’s line even if you are 88-years-old, more or less. The Kid’s line is different from the regular brand and works extremely well!

Here’s another idea for you: This one comes to your from



Essentials for Your Family Pontoon Boating Kit


So, whether you will be doing some hiking, biking, walking, swimming, boating, etc., these grab & go style kits are organizational genius!

What do you have around the house that you can use to make a kit such as this? Feel free to share your ideas or pictures in the comments below or by emailing me at

If you need me you can find me… on a lake somewhere!

Badin Lake Recreation Area |

Badin Lake (Stanly Co. NC)


Stay safe & well! 


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