I Love a Challenge! #50PreciousWords

3rd month of the year and the 3rd writing challenge! So happy about that. Vivian Kirkfield's #50PreciousWords Writing Contest has been a lot of fun. Kirkfield created this writing challenge in 2016 to honor Seuss! This year was tough! I didn't get inspired like I did last year. I sat and I sat. I scribbled. … Continue reading I Love a Challenge! #50PreciousWords


A Fire Truck Named Red – A Picture Book Review

Visited my local library a few weeks ago and they had an entire shelf of books featuring the word, RED, for Valentine's Day. As I passed by, a quiet, little book caught my attention. I thought I'd read every fire truck book known to man, but to my surprise I'd missed one! A Fire Truck … Continue reading A Fire Truck Named Red – A Picture Book Review