Maria Bostian
Concord, NC

Bio: I have a really cool job! I'm a Fire and Life Safety Educator for a North Carolina fire department. But - I will always be a Montessori teacher at heart and I use my Montessori roots to create interactive safety lessons for all ages. That's how I'm able to add a little pizzazz into my safety education classes. I've got a passion for teaching children how to be safe. I also love to help adults learn more about life safety education for their communities. When I'm not working, I'm writing, writing, re-writing, thinking about writing, brainstorming about writing, researching for writing... You get my drift! Join me here, as I write about current safety topics, safety recommendations, community heroes, children's literature, writing, literacy, and all things in between!

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One thought on “About

  1. I would love to have you visit my school and share your “Firefighter’s Busy Day!” with our Kindergarten and First graders.

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