Focus on JOY Today

Like always, I was perusing Pinterest and found this picture below.


It hit me hard. Many of us, myself included, have been to quick lately to list all the many things that COVID-19 have cost us this spring. (Trust me, I’ve been sitting on a big one!)

Maybe it was a lost trip, a missed opportunity, a canceled sporting event/festival/family event, not being able to say farewell to teachers and friends, etc. It’s a fact: all of us, regardless of age, have lost something the last seven weeks and it is really easy to complain. But in the midst of all the negative, there have been plenty of positives.

Maybe your family has spent more time together, started game nights, planted a garden? Maybe someone’s picked up writing, drawing, video-making… or cooking, canning, etc.

For me, I’ve SLOWED down and it has been good for me. I’ve taken time to catch up with people I’ve been meaning to catch up with for ages. I’ve written and mailed out cards. I’ve read books I wanted to read, but kept putting off. I’ve worked word searches, started a new online class, and have really taken an interest in the plants on our courtyard.

20200422_192203 (6)

This is the courtyard at our house and here are some of the plants and palms we’ve used to decorate it. 

So instead of focusing on all the negative, I’m going to choose to focus on JOY. I hope you and your family can, too, and maybe the picture at the top of the post will give you a creative way to express it.

Or – other ideas:

Make a Joy Poster and display it on your frig

Write and share your joys with a few family members of friends

Write your joys down in sidewalk chalk and share them with the neighborhood

Call several shut-ins in your community and provide joyous opportunities for them

(Ditto above about providing joy to others) – Deliver food for our local Meals on Wheels


I hope that you and your loved ones experience JOY today and hopefully, will have an opportunity to create a visual reminder of those joys.

Have a wonderful Wednesday. Wash your hands. Keep surfaces wiped down, etc.






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