Thursday Writing Prompt – Coming Back Home

Hey there, friends!

On Tuesday we took an imaginary journey/trip with our families. Did you create that packing list? Did you talk about how you’d get there or what you’d do?

Well, now that you’ve had a great time there (wherever there was), it’s time for you to begin your trip back home! (But there’s a catch… you have to get home a different way than how you got there.)

So, here was where I went on my imaginary journey: To sunny North Myrtle Beach, SC for a long weekend of sun, fun, and relaxation.

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Source: Booe Realty

I was planning on driving my old SUV back from the beach filled to the brim with suitcases, beach umbrellas, and bags from the Tanger Outlets, but it just wouldn’t all fit. I tried squeezing everything together. I asked Mom to stay behind so I could fit some things into the front seat. I even looked into buying a larger SUV, but the neighbor in the condo next to ours had an even better plan…

With his help, Mom and I (plus all of our loot) flew back home in our neighbor’s private jet. His chauffeur, Lenny, drove our SUV back to Concord, NC for us and then rode the plane back to SC. We were able to get all of our things back home in record time.

What’s the plot twist in your story? Did you shop too much, too? Did your car break down? Submarine run out of gas? Horse run off without your buggy? How do you make it back home?

I can’t wait to hear your twists and turns. Feel free to share in the comments section below or drop me a line at

Have a wonderful Thursday! 

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