Thursday Writing Prompts

From the beach to the mountains, spanning the great state of North Carolina. Tuesday’s writing prompts brought back wonderful memories of the beach. Today, we’ll think of exciting times in the Great Smokey Mountains of North Carolina.

Do you enjoy going to the mountains? For fishing? Tubing? Winter skiing?

Here are some of my favorite mountain memories (although these aren’t my pictures, they evoke similar those memories).

Prompt #1: Down at the Pumpkin Patch

Photo from Our State Magazine


Prompt #2: Heading Out Fishing

Ultimate Guide to Fishing in the Great Smoky MountainsThe Official ...

Photo from 


Prompt #3: Cool River Fun

Where to Go Tubing

Photo from 


Prompt #4: Yum! Yum! 

Kilwins Reviews - Blowing Rock, North Carolina - Skyscanner

Photo from 

Well… now I wanna go tubing and get some delicious Kilwin’s ice cream. I hope these photos have jogged some wonderful mountain memories and will spark some ideas for story-telling and/or writing.

Enjoy these photos! Have a very Happy Thursday! Wash, wash, wash your hands and practice social distancing for the safety of each and every one in your community!

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