Tuesday Writing Prompts

Good morning, friends!

Tuesday’s writing prompts are inspired by our cat, Beaucoup. Beaucoup is a French word meaning, “many.” I named him Beaucoup because with him, we had many kitty cats. We call him Beau for short!

He was found almost four years ago as a tiny kitten; too small to be away from his mother, but in too dangerous a spot to leave him there. He was found beside the road where construction workers had been feeding him potted meat and cutting off the bottoms of water bottles so he could drink. I heard his loud cries one Sunday afternoon and… the rest is history!

Beau lives inside our house with his three cat siblings, Nell,  Brady Cat, and Lu-Lu. He loves  to aggravate Nell, play fight with Lu-Lu, and sit outside on our screened in porch.

Here are some of my favorite Beau pictures. Hope they bring you some inspiration for writing today, as often animals do.

  1. Please Don’t Make Me Move!

No photo description available.


2. HELP! The Ground Is So Far Away!

Image may contain: 1 person

My great-niece, Addison Marie!


3. Help! I’ve Been Captured By A Giant!

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling

Photo of my great-nephew, Anderson C., holding little Beau!


4. But… I’m So Sleepy! 

No photo description available.


5. I Can’t Take It Anymore! He Is SO ANNOYING! 

No photo description available.

Beau, with our first kitty, Leo. Sadly, Leo past away almost two years ago.


6. Whatever it is… I Didn’t Do It!

Image may contain: cat


7. Hey You! What ‘cha doing? 

Image may contain: cat


Inspired, by the first picture, here’s my acrostic poem for the word, KITTEN!

Kitty sleeping through the noise

In Mom’s most-favorite plant

Talking in his sleep, he dreams

Telling tales of life on the porch

Even though he’s still scared of his new home,

Never will he be alone again.


Now – YOU TRY! What kind of writing work can you create with one of these photos today?

  • A poem?
  • An acrostic?
  • A short story?      Share your thoughts in the comments below.


Hope you have a wonderful Tuesday! Be safe and well! 

5 thoughts on “Tuesday Writing Prompts

  1. Love your Beau! He looks like a kitty we loved for 18 yrs.Thanks for your posts. So nice to see those in this strange time. Question: is your email the same as several years ago? I have something you might want to read. 🙂

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