A “Get Out Of The House” Scavenger Hunt

Here in N.C., the weather is pretty gloomy today, but some of you may be feeling a little “cramped” or “shut in.” If you have to get out, just go for a quick drive through your community and see if you can find all the things on the Scavenger Hunt below!

We're going on a scavenger hunt printable

I love doing Scavenger Hunts, Treasurer Hunts, etc. I found this one (and many more) on Pinterest. The hunt above came from a blog called Thirty Handmade Days.

Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt - A way to have a little extra fun on your afternoon walks!

The one above got me thinking. What is you went on a litter scavenger hunt on your greenway or in your neighborhood? If you have more than one child on the walk, the child who cleans up the most litter picks the afternoon movie, afternoon game, snack, etc.

The Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt came from the website, Mom Without A Village.

Hope you and your family are able to get out and about for a bit and try one or all of these hunts… or better yet, create your own!

Scavenger hunt comments or questions, please leave them in the comment section below!

Hope you have a Happy Tuesday! Be safe, be well, wash your hands, doorknobs, etc. 

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