Good afternoon, friends:

This activity popped up in my social media feed and it made me miss being a classroom teacher because this is something that is cheap to make, easy to replicate, and “Oh, so cute!”


This idea was taken off of Pinterest and a site called Unfortunately, the link directly to this activity is broken, but you can visit this mom’s Pinterest page and follow her for more spring art activities, crafts, and recipes: NEWYOUNGMUM

So, let’s get back to the artwork at hand. Are those little bunny faces not the cutest things ever? If you know anything about me, you know I love mice and bunnies. I’m kind of a “furry critter with big, sharp teeth” kinda gal!

So let’s see how to make this art – – – Little Bunnies Materials List:

  • 3 toilet paper rolls – 2 folded to look like ears: use double-sided tap or glue dots to hold together.
  • Colored paper (pastels preferred for this time of year)
  • White or brown paint (Or, white glue would work) for bunnies
  • Green paint, marker, or crayon to make grass or other landscape features
  • Dark marker or crayon to make the face
  • ???? – They sky is the limit. What else can you use to create art with these bunny stencils?

Little Bunnies Craft 

Since I’m not a classroom teacher anymore and have no little ones of my own, I’d love to live vicariously through you and see your family’s “little bunnies” artwork. Feel free to share info in the comments below.

Image result for toilet paper roll bunny paint craft

Image from 

HAPPY MONDAY! Be safe! Be well…, and Enjoy this spring day wherever you are!

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