Create A Giant Word Search

While my husband and I were on our anniversary trip in December, I snagged a word search book while at the Dollar Tree (Yes, we shopped the Dollar Tree on our anniversary trip. Big spenders, aren’t we?).

I loved word searches as a child, but it had been years since I’d given them much thought, with the exception of an occasional puzzle in the back of a magazine or something.

Boy, let me tell ya… I was instantly hooked once again. But this time around, I noticed the therapeutic benefits of the word search puzzles that I’d missed all those years ago. Sure, with each puzzle I increased my concentration, but I also discovered that they:

* Brought a sense of peace

* Calmed some anxieties

* Helped me slow down my pace

* Kept my head out of the t.v.

* Lowered my Bp

* Kept me from getting sucked into social media

* Helped me relax

* Provided some down time

And do you know what? All of those things were things I needed in life that I kept neglecting because of a million other things I wanted to get done or ways I found to spend time.

Since then, I typically end each day with one or two word search puzzles and I really think that by winding down like that I am able to eelax quicker and get better quality sleep (also much needed).

Now, I am not saying word searches should be done only at night. That’s just what is working for me right now.

I know life may be a little hectic today. Maybe your family is learning new technologies, maybe you’re short on TP, or maybe you’re just anxious about what’s to come. I get it! Completely!

Now might be a good time to wind down a bit, bleed some stress, or have a little fun. So with that in mind, may I present to you (don, don, don…) the GIANT WORD SEARCH!

Found this giant word search scrolling Pinterst (Can’t you tell that I love Pinterest?) and it immediately reminded me of all the benefits I’ve received from word searches these past few months. Since you may not want to rush to the dollar store, now’s the perfect time to make your own.

What ‘cha got around the house:

* butcher paper?

* card board?

* poster board?

* taped pieces of construction or plain paper?

Whatever it is, put it to good use. Create a giant, family word search and see how much fun everyone will have.

What can you include?

* family names

* favorite foods

* favorite vacation spots

* pet info

* schools, clubs, sports or activities

* hobbies

* etc.

To give credit, where credit is due: this giant word search came from the Busy Toddler website. Feel free to visit it for more fun activities!

I hope that you are inspired by it and that you create your own. If so, feel free to share how it turned out in the comments section.

I hope you have a terrific Wednesday! Be safe! Be well! Be happy! And of course, take time to relax (with or without a giant word search)!

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