It’s Contest Time!

Every year, I look forward to participating in several of  Susanna Leonard Hill’s writing contests. She has tough rules and FANTASTIC prizes, plus it’s a fun way to stretch my brain… and my imagination!

This year’s Guilty Valentine Story Contest was a hard one for me. I struggle. I stumbled, and… I gave up a few times.

But, in the end, I just couldn’t let today pass without contributing, so I chugged, I trudged, and… at about 2 a.m. this morning I had something that resembled a 214-word Valentine’s Day story!

So… after a little polish and shine, I proudly present to you —


Marvin T. Rex slicked the scales between his horns. He’d brushed all sixty teeth, used Dad’s eau de swamp spray, and wore his best suit hoping long sleeves would make his arms look… longer.

Some dinos stomped. Others tromped. Not Marvin. He was a prize-winning boogy machine!

Bump, thump, drump!

The Valentine’s dance started, and the music was pumping.

But Marvin froze. Other dinos were popping to the beat, but he didn’t know these moves.

He flopped at the Floss!

He disappointed with the Dab…

and frightened others with the Orange Justice!

Short, stubby arms were ruining his plans. Marvin stormed away, leaving the dancing behind, until…

“DJ, play some 70s jive!”

He razzled with the Hustle!

He dazzled with the Bump…

and shocked others with the Funky Chicken!

His heart was set on winning the dance contest!

As Marvin showed off, the other dinos



and turned their backs to him!

“RATS!” Dancing alone wasn’t Marvin’s idea of fun!

“DJ, drop in some 80s!”

Bump, thump, strump!

Marvin called his friends to the floor.

They flapped their arms!

They wiggled their hips…

and they wildly sang,

“Hey Macarena!”

Everyone was on their feet.

Bump, thump, whump!

Winning soon forgotten, all the dinos danced the night away!

And Marvin ‘s heart was happy.


Have you ever done something great or small to make you feel guilty? How did you resolve your issue?

Marvin liked to win, but he liked having friends more! And isn’t having friends what life is all about?


Let me know your thoughts on guilt, friendship, and Marvin’s story! I’d love to know what’s on your mind.


8 thoughts on “It’s Contest Time!

  1. 😂I was laughing reading it through picturing a dinosaur dancing. What a unique idea. Dinosaurs for Valentine’s Day and a dance contest. Who knew! Such a cute story. I’m glad you stuck it out and got your story in. Good luck!

  2. You got some winning images here, Maria. Once you see dinos getting funkalicious in your mind’s eye, you can’t unsee them. Awesome work!

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