Nerdy Birdy Has Won My Heart!

Have you had a chance to read about my latest, most-favoritest character: Nerdy Birdy? If you haven’t:

  • Run to the nearest bookstore and…
  • Sign on to your local library account and…
  • Head on over to Amazon and…
  • Do whatever you have to do and…

get your hands on the funniest books I’ve seen in quite a while.

Don’t be a “birdy brain,” GO GRAB UP THESE BOOKS!

nerdy birdy cover.jpg

1.   Nerdy Birdy – by Aaron Reynolds (Illo. by Matt Davies)

This picture book a is story of true friendship. Sometimes you try to hang out with the “cool birds.” Other times you might associate yourself with the “nerdy birds.” But – when you find that one special friend that is just right for you (regardless of your likes, dislikes, appearances, feather size, or favorite foods), you need to do whatever you can to make that friendship work.

nbt cover

2. Nerdy Birdy Tweets – by Aaron Reynolds (Illo. by Matt Davies)

If this picture book does have you laughing till it hurts, there’s something wrong with ya! This is the cutest tale of friendship and what’s even better is that it is jam-packed with social media etiquette and lessons. But, like all good stories, the story line is so grreat, you don’t realize you’ve learned something until after the story ends. It’s like, “BAM! That book’s spot-on about social media!” (or at least that’s what happened to me)

nerdy birdy 2

Rest assured I’ll be purchasing my own copies for my overflowing book shelves! I’m already pondering how to incorporate Nerdy Birdy Tweets into my Internet Safety classes next fall. Got any great ideas? Feel free to share them in the comment section below, or… just let me know that you are a big fan of Nerdy Birdy, too!

Hope you enjoy reading these to wonderful books by Roaring Brook Press!

Reading Rocks!


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