That Grand Easter Day – Review

One of the best things about being a children’s author is all of the many wonderful people I’ve meet along the way. Of them all, one of my absolute favorites is my critique partner, Jill Roman Lord.


Jill lives in Charlotte, NC and is a nurse anesthetist, a runner, and a Christian children’s author with a knack for creating beautiful, lyrical stories and delightful rhyming pieces. Her writing seems to flow on the page making her an author that I inspire to be more like.

She has an extensive list of books and she’s done it again! That Grand Easter Day is being released on Feb. 6th and it’s a book that I highly recommend that you pick up for a gift or for your Easter collection. I don’t know about you, but I always put out books for the seasons/holidays around the house. Books are some of my favorite holiday decorations and I love reading some of my childhood favorites! That Grand Easter Day will be added to my Easter collection this year.



  • It’s so beautifully written that it made me cry!
  • It’s a wonderful re-telling of the Easter story.
  • It’s rhyme and meter are perfect.
  • It contains beautiful illustrations with a purple theme for royalty.


That Grand Easter Day gets: fire_extinguisherfire_extinguisherfire_extinguisherfire_extinguisherfire_extinguisher

Pick up your copy of That Grand Easter Day on Tuesday! It will be a great edition in an child’s Easter basket, a gift for a Christian preschool or Sunday School classroom, or for yourself!

If you like it too, perhaps you’ll be kind enough to write a favorable review on one of the many sites where it’s sold. I’m sure Jill would appreciate the support!

To learn more about Jill Roman Lord and her other works, please visit her website!

Read on, friends!




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