Sadie: The Dog Who Finds the Evidence: Review

As a Fire & Life Safety Educator, I collect books on safety-related or job-related topics. I have a couple hundred, I’m sure. While I can’t review them all, I would like to review some of my personal favorites from time to time. Maybe you’ll find a few you’ve never heard of before or find something on a topic you’d like to learn more about. Hopefully, you will be inspired to share these works with children so that they can learn from them, as well.

Today’s book is a Level II “Ready to Read”/Non-fiction story by Simon & Schuster titled Sadie: The Dog Who Finds the Evidence. I found it because it was illustrated by Chris Danger. Recognize the name??? He illustrated  my book, Firefighters’ Busy Day.

Danger’s distinctive drawings and relatable subject matter made this the perfect book for me to read.


Sadie is a dog that is specially trained through the State Farm Insurance Arson Dog Program. She and her handler, Jerry, have trained together and they live together, too.  But Sadie isn’t’ a pet. She’s a working dog and working is all she knows to do. She has an important job to do. She helps firefighters and police officers find the causes for fires.

This book is recommended for:

Minimum Age: 5
Maximum Age: 7
Minimum Grade Level: K
Maximum Grade Level: 2

Because Sadie does such a good job, she is one day awarded with the highest honor. She receives the American Humane Association’s HERO DOG AWARD!

This story is about a real dog named Sadie who won the award for Law Enforcement/Aron Hero Dog of 2011.


I hope that you will take time to read about Sadie and how she helps search for clues after fires.

I give this book: fire_extinguisherfire_extinguisherfire_extinguisherfire_extinguisherfire_extinguisher

for: kid appeal, accuracy of information, and originality, not to mention, the beautiful illustrations. Do you like it too?

Check back on the blog! I’m hoping to have another real arson dog here for you!

Do you have a book, author, or illustrator that you’d like for me to highlight? If so, just let me know.

Read on, friends!





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