New for 2018 – Book Reviews

New addition to the blog this year: children’s book reviews! 

Last year I did an amazing thing! I set a goal to read 375 picture books, but I surpassed that goal and read 420+ picture books and a slew of chapter books. The more I read; the more I developed a system to know what I liked, what I didn’t like, what I thought children would like, etc.


Some books I read again and again. Others I didn’t even finish. (Yes, there were a few that I thought were that bad.) Most of them were written so cleverly with such beautiful illustrations that I feel completely in love! Thus, the inspiration for the book review section of the blog.

So this is how it is going to work. In keeping with the safety theme of the blog, instead of stars I’m awarding fire extinguishers; a handy safety device. I’ll use a scale from one to five extinguishers. Top honors = 5 fire extinguishers.






I’m starting my list of books to review throughout the year. In reviewing some, I hope to highlight several of my favorite authors, as well.

On my list:

Ida Always by Caron Levis

Jada Jones Rock Star by Kelly Starling Lyons

Fireman Small by Wong Herbert Yee

E.E. Otter & the Bullfrog Bullies by Laura Taylor

Being Frank by Donna Earnhardt

(Okay, I’m seeing a trend here. Most of them will earn 5 extinguishers!)

Do you have any books you’d like reviewed or authors you’d like for me to showcase here? If so, just leave me a message and I’ll take your suggestion into serious consideration!

Read on, friends! That’s what I’m doing!

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