Halloweensie Story #2: PUMPKINS ON PARADE

Who doesn’t love pumpkins this time of year? Let’s see what these pumpkins are doing during their midnight stroll through the neighborhood!



Bumbling pumpkins in a line,

Fat ones, thin ones; all are fine.

Some hop on stems or roll around,

Some somersault across the ground.

Monster pumpkins with sharp claws,

scary scars and snapping jaws.

Rattling chains and pounding the ground,

Frightening children all around.

Vampire pumpkins with smelly feet,

dripping fangs and pointy teeth.

Swooping down in dark black suits,

Sucking the inside of blood fruit.

Ghost-like pumpkins float around,

Casting shadows on the ground.

Moaning and groaning to cause fright.

They dance ‘round in full moonlight.

Who wins prize for Best of Show?


Candy-corn pumpkin scare-a-crow!


6 thoughts on “Halloweensie Story #2: PUMPKINS ON PARADE

  1. Fun rhyme! Thanks for sharing your story with us. I had to find your blog via your name in Susanna’s list since when I clicked on the link, it tried to send me to one of my wordpress sites. Not sure why it’s doing that on some peoples’ wordpress sites and not others. Good luck in the contest!

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