Halloween Is Here – Time for Spooky Stories!

In keeping with tradition, I’m participating in Susanna Leonard Hill 7th Annual Halloweensie Writing Contest! Here’s the first story for you. I’m hoping to generate another before the day is over!

Hope you enjoy my first >100 word story using some form of the words: Candy Corn, Monster, and Shadow.



Ghosts and goblins at the door,

Cats and bats dance around the floor.

Spooky spiders laugh and shake.

Rabid rats share chocolate cake.

Someone new creeps down the hall.

They cast dark shadows on the wall.

“Ahhhhh,” the guests scream with a fright.

They huddle close in the dark night.

Pointy fangs and matted furr,

Sleek, dark tail with monstrous purr,

Who’s out there with noisy feet?


It’s Alley Cat and his candy corn teeth!

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