I have an early January birthday. Most years, I usually dread the whole day. You want to know why?

Reasons I sometimes dread my birthday:
It often is the first day back to work or school, the due date for reports, projects and such, etc.
Everyone is tired of getting together because of all the holiday gatherings.
Everyone is broke because they spent too much on the holidays.
Everyone’s New Year’s Resolution involves dieting.
No one wants cake because they are cutting down on their sweets and/or are counting calories!

BUT NOT THIS YEAR — This year I loved my birthday!

I started the day off with a city-wide brunch and ended the day with a full moon hanging in the sky. And somewhere in between —

I HAD CAKE! (delicious pound cake with an incredibly perfect icing!)

I don’t know how those sneaky people did it, but my mother and dear friend, Katie, conspired to create the PERFECT birthday cake for 2015!

I know you can’t taste it (OK, I admit it – there’s none left), but at least you can visually enjoy it!


Is that not the cutest thing ever? Katie created that after looking at images of my picture book cover. Pete the Pig and Daisy Dog were made of paper and foam and were standing in Pete’s bedroom. The sides of the cake had “HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARIA!” and white daisy flowers. I can’t imagine of a better way to recreate that book cover. HUM – maybe I’ll have to get Katie to make one for a book signing or other Pete and Daisy event so that you can enjoy it to!!!

The PERFECT JANUARY BIRTHDAY involves Katie’s cake and this year was no exception!

So, now you know how I have celebrated my perfect birthday this year. What do you plan to do for yours?

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