Gift-Giving Idea for the Little Ones!

Ho Ho Ho! Happy Holidays to you and your! 

Done with all your shopping? Need one more gift idea?

While watching QVC this morning (Yes, I watch QVC while I get ready for work. I’ve decided to avoid all the negativity of the media for a while.), I saw this incredible offer from Penguin and I just had to share it!

10 picture books for $29.92 (plus tax and s/h). Do the math – that’s less than $4 a book. Give the entire collection or break them up into as many as 10 gifts. What an affordable way to share the joy of reading with young children.

Classics like Corduroy, The Little Engine That Could, The Snowy Day, etc.

Had I known this earlier, this would have been my Toys for Tots contribution this year because it is such a bargain!

Visit QVC today to learn more!



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