Grow Your Dream(s) in 2015

My dear friend, Sherry, gave me the most awesome birthday gift this year. I opened the bag and found a most curious site:

a blue container, a Ziploc bag with strips of paper, a bag of rocks, and flower bulbs

Not knowing what I had been given, I checked out the instruction sheet that read, “Grow Your Dream Planter.” A planter??? How cool is that?

I took some time last weekend, to begin growing my dreams. I thought I would only use a few strips of paper, but the more I strips I used the more ideas I had.

I folded the papers and carefully placed them in the bottom of the pot, thinking long and hard about what each piece of paper meant. I took my time with this part.

I placed the rocks systematically in the planter on top of the paper strips. When I got to the top, I placed the three bulbs and then added some additional rocks for support.

I filled the planter with water – just enough to cover the roots of the bulbs.

Now, I sit back and enjoy my bulbs and watch my dreams grow along with my flowers. (Will post a photo when they bloom.)

My wish for you – I hope that you will be inspired to grow your dream(s) this year. If you decide to make your own dream planter, please email me and let me know what you did. Even better – send me a photo so that I can share it with others!

Follow the directions below, or tweak them to create an original Dream Planter.


1. Use the enclosed strips of paper to write down your dreams or desires that you would like to grow this year.

2. Put the strips into the pot.

3. Add stones and Paperwhite bulbs to the pot.

4. Water daily to remind yourself to work on the dreams inside and to grow beautiful flowers to enjoy.


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