On Fire with Jill Roman Lord

When you’re on fire, you’re on fire… and that is exactly what award-winning children’s author and friend JILL ROMAN LORD is right now! She’s churning out books faster than you can say, “Bo-Berry biscuit,” and not only is she churning out books… she’s releasing extremely well-crafted children’s picture books that are timeless pieces of literature.

Let me share several of my favorites with you today. Hopefully, they’ll become your favorites, too.

  1. THAT GRAND CHRISTMAS DAY (Illustrated by Alessia Trunfio)

Friends, I remember exactly where I was sitting when I read this manuscript for the first time. I teared up as I read it… it was THAT GOOD! So, fast-forward to this book’s amazing release and imagine how happy I was to hold it in my hands. It is a beautiful re-telling of the Christmas story including who and what played a role in the birth of Jesus. It is cleverly written and beautifully illustrated with plenty regal tones of golds and purples.

THAT GRAND CHRISTMAS DAY is the sister book to THAT GRAND EASTER DAY written and illustrated by the Lord/Trunfio dynamic duo! Check it out, too, when you have a chance and let me know if you can spot what Trunfio deliberately does in the illustrations to correlate with the story.

2. DREAM BIG, MY PRECIOUS ONE (Illustrated by Brittany E. Lakin)

One of the things I love most about children are their endlessly wild imaginations. I love preschoolers and young elementary students because they are always willing to tell you what they are “going to be when they grow up” and their responses are always so creative. I’ve heard everything from “Warrior Princess Cat-Tamer,” “Dancing Ballerina Firefighter,” to Mad-Scientist, Dentist, Super Hero.”

With DREAM BIG, MY PRECIOUS ONE, children are encouraged to stretch the limits of possibility and are reminded that God will be beside them every step of the way… no matter what dreams they have!

Need the perfect graduation gift for a special someone? If so, purchase your copy now and include a personalized message for a gift that will be kept throughout their lifetime!

3. YOU’RE MORE THAN A SPROUT (Illustrated by Sarah Demonteverde)

This is absolutely my favorite JRL picture book! It’s beautifully written and illustrated and reinforces the need for our patience and understanding of God’s planning and timing as he molds our lives. God’s plan is realized through growth and at times, that growth may be a little painful. But in the end, this growth will help shape one into the exact person that God wants him/her to be.

As an educator, I’m insanely excited about the Parent Connection Page at the back of the book which gives families and educators further information and opportunities for exploration.

Do you know of someone who is going through a trial or hardship? YOU’RE MORE THAN A SPROUT would be the perfect inspirational gift for them, I guarantee it!

Now… on your mark… get set… GO! Yes, go! Right now! Get clicking on the internet or rush out to your favorite Christian bookstore and get your copies of these latest Jill Roman Lord books. You’ll be glad you did!

About Jill Roman Lord:

Jill Roman Lord is the award-winning author of more than twenty books. She’s a true follower of Christ and a loyal friend. She and her husband, Bill, live in Charlotte, N.C.

When she’s not writing or working as a nurse anesthetist, she enjoys golfing, sipping coffee, and running (but not all at the same time). 🙂

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