Tuesday Writing Prompts


From the blog – Dishfunctional Designs

No matter what we’ve been through the last several months, LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL. Maybe you’ve had time to reflect on what’s most important to you. Maybe you’ve taken up a new hobby or pulled out all of the supplies for an old one. Maybe you’ve had time to take more walks, bike rides, or have spent more time outdoors. Whatever you’ve been up to, I’m sure you’ve had an opportunity to think about your life, your path, and your future.

Patti Hansen Quote: “Life is beautiful, enjoy every moment of it ...

So, I encourage you and your family to take some time to day to reflect on the beautiful life you have or perhaps, the beautiful life you are creating. Maybe you create a poem, write a story, write a letter to someone who has helped create this beautiful life your leading, etc. Maybe you write yourself a letter on where you want to be in X number of years.

Whatever you do, take some time for reflection today or for setting some goals for the future.

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