I Want My Hat Back – Free Performance

I read children’s books all the time and love many children’s authors. While I appreciate all genres, I respond most to humorous picture books. I Want My Hat Back is a humorous picture book by Jon Klassen, which was published in 2011. It is a subversive picture book that is one of my top favorites. This book was the first published by Klassen as an author/illustrator and gets 4.4/5 stars on Good Reads.

Currently, The Little Angel Theater has a puppet-filled adaptation video of I Want My Hat Back on You Tube and the group plans to do adaptations of Klassen’s other stories in the “hat” series in May.

Hope you enjoy I Want My Hat Back. Find it at the link below: 


Have a fantastic Monday, everyone. Wash your hands, don’t get complacent with social distancing, and stay healthy and safe!

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