ROY G. BIV and a Rainbow Craft

Do you and your family know Roy G. Biv? 

Roy G. Biv is a fun, mnemonic device to help children remember the colors of the rainbow. It goes like this below:

Cassie Stephens: In the Art Room: Roy G. Biv Decor!


To practice learning about Roy G. Biv, here is a fun rainbow activity that you and your family might want to do together. Everyone on social media seems to be making hearts to put in their windows, but I’ve always believed that rainbows were a terrific sign for hope. Perhaps, you can make a rainbow window and be unique.

From: The Resourceful Mama



  • Cotton pads (or cotton balls)
  • Glue
  • Card stock
  • Colored Craft Sticks (available on Amazon)

We used colored craft sticks. If you use natural craft sticks, you will also need paint.


1. If you using natural craft sticks begin this rainbow craft by painting your craft sticks (1 stick per color) and allowing them to dry.

2. Cut a small piece of card stock (fiberboard would work as well). The purpose of the card stock is a base to glue the craft sticks.

3. Glue the card sticks to the piece of card stock starting with red and ending with violet/purple. (ROY G. BIV = Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, (no Indigo… unless you have that color paint), Violet)

4. Glue a few cotton pads (or cotton balls) together to form a cloud.

5. Glue the cotton pad cloud to the top of the craft stick rainbow

There you go now. Your own colorful rainbow.

Rainbow Ice Cream Stick Craft - This Ice Cream Stick Craft is a fun way to use up all the extra Popsicle sticks you'll have this summer to create a beautiful rainbow craft. #craftsforkids #rainbowcrafts #preschoolcrafts

Similar Rainbow Craft Stick Project

I hope you enjoyed today; better known as “hump day” and that you try out a rainbow of some sort over the next several days.

Stay Safe! Be well! Wash your hands!, etc., etc.

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