March Is Poison Prevention Month

Did you know that March is recognized as Poison Prevention Month?

This is a great opportunity to go through medicine cabinets, drawers, and purses and discard out-of-date medicines. Look for a medicine disposal box near you instead of flushing them down the drain or simply throwing them away.

  • Cabarrus Co., NC residents – there is a drop box located inside the 1st floor of the Kannapolis Police Department (Kannapolis City Hall). Normally, this location has 24-hour access, but that may change for the next several weeks so best to check the city’s website for that information.

Let’s talk about medicine “look alikes!” At quick glance, there are medicines that look alot like candies so be extra vigilant about what is around the home, in the vehicles, in purses and bags, etc. Below, is an example of a few of the look-alikes out there and I’m sure you know of others.

Image result for medication look alikes

Have children in the home? Keep your grandchildren? Do your neighbors children come over from time to time? If YES to any of these questions, consider keeping medications up high, out of reach and possibly using cabinet locks.

While medications do cause a great deal of poison accidents in children, don’t forget your cleaning products, laundry detergents, etc. Make sure to keep these products in their primary containers and away from children, as well.

Image result for cleaning products that could be poisonous

How do you educate children about poison prevention?

  • Look for trusted, reputable sites for access to information
  • Learn the National Poison Control Center Phone Number
  • Create your own “look-alike” kit from items you have in your home and share them with your family.
    • Image result for home medication look alike
  • Take time and watch our safety friends, The Danger Rangers. They have two poison prevention videos entitled MEDICINE MIX-UP and CHEM GEMS.
    • Danger Rangers also have coloring/activity sheets based on these videos, as well.
    • Poison Control has some great ones, also.

I hope you will take some time over the next few weeks to discuss Poison Prevention as a family. Let me know the creative ways you go about it. I’d love to be able to share those.

If your children create Medicine Mix-up posters, do coloring/activity sheets, install cabinet locks, etc. I’d love to share those on social media using their initials for their privacy.










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