Blown Away as Safety Books Make Local News in Onslow County, NC

Brian Kelly, Onslow County Fire Marshal, and I started a mission two years ago to put fire helmets and safety my stories in Onslow County elementary schools and select preschools. 

In 2015, we visited elementary schools and select preschools and presented them with fire helmets and copies of What Should Daisy Do. Kelly hosted a fire safety training that evening and I presented on activities for teaching preschoolers and elementary students.

This year we expanded our goal and visited with students at a local elementary school to read and make a firefighter finger puppet. Afterwards, we provided media specialist training and fire service training, in addition to Firefighters’ Busy Day donations. 

Recently, Kelly was able to create four fire safety resource kits for public libraries. Community members can check them out to learn more about fire safety and community helpers.

Last week their was,some print media coverage of the community resource kits.Tonight, WNCT-TV picked up the story. Great coverage!

Let me just say that Brian Kelly is the driving force behind all we have been able to accomplish. He has an uncanny way of just making things happen. His drive and passion for keeping his community safe are infectious. 

I’m thrilled to work with him and to share safety information with so many people. It’s a dream fulfilled!

Want to partner to put safety books in your community? If so, contact me! 

One thought on “Blown Away as Safety Books Make Local News in Onslow County, NC

  1. Thank you Maria for you work on this project as well! This project has been years in the making. We are so happy to have it come to completion and hope that it keeps growing.

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