In Honor of Dr. Seuss – Share a Book!


Dr. Seuss inspired great story-telling and imagination with his amazing characters and nonsensical words. His books still make reading fun for all ages.


In honor of his birthday this coming Thursday, let’s spend this week going through our book cases and finding books that we can share, share, share! Now, I’m not telling you to not buy new books. Please do that, too! But we all have so many books that it’s high time for us to share some of them with others instead of keeping them all to ourselves. So, who can we share books with?

  • Childcare Centers, Schools, Libraries
  • Doctor’s Offices, Dentist’s, Pediatrician’s, etc.
  • Family, Friends, Neighbors, Relatives
  • Shelters, Churches, Literacy Centers

I’m challenging you to share, swap, borrow, trade, loan, or find at least seven books this week. Don’t have any books? Well you can substitute with magazines, comics, catalogs, etc. — ANYTHING to get you reading!


Happy Dr. Seuss Share a Book Week everyone! Let me know if you get a chance to swap some books or read something interesting this week. Leave me a comment below! 🙂

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