Working Smoke Alarms Save Lives

Fire safety advocates have been talking about smoke alarms for years now, but the message is just as important today as it has ever been! Structure fires burn hot and fast giving families little time to escape the dangerous heat and smoke.


Nearly 5 million homes in America don’t have smoke alarms and in many of the homes that do — the alarms don’t function properly. What about your smoke alarms?

  • Do your have working smoke alarms with a functioning battery or battery back-up?
  • Are your smoke alarms in the right rooms?
  • Is there enough coverage so you can hear the smoke alarms throughout the entire house?
  • How old are your smoke alarms?
  • How well have your alarms been maintained?

If you are unable to answer any of these questions or don’t know how to take the next steps to keep your family safe, PLEASE ask me for more information or head on over to visit my friends at the NFPA for more safety information!

*** Safety information taken from NFPA and

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