PoP Goes My Heart! 2nd Annual Pretty Much World Famous Valentiny Writing Contest

So excited to share my story for Susanna Leonard Hill’s Valentine’s Day Writing Contest with you. Feel free to leave a comment and let me know how I did. 

*  214 words or lesson     * Someone has to be confused

Want to enter for yourself? There’s still time. Just visit Susanna Leonard Hill for all of the contest rules.


Hope you enjoy my entry:

Officer Pudge and the Valentine Surprise

Officer Pudge was in a sour mood. Traffic duty! Standing in the street, he thought of all the mushy stuff people were sharing today like roses, candy hearts, and sappy cards.

Pudge startled as Edgar Elephant ran down the street with a bag of peanuts. Next, Mr. Howitzer’s band marched by practicing a tune. Then, Mower’s clown troop whizzed by carrying bundles of balloons. This was a most-unusual Valentine’s Day.

More excitement followed as Ms. Petunia’s class, carrying delicious cupcakes, passed along with Greta Goose and her world-famous lime punch. An incredible Valentine’s indeed. No one tried to hug him or offer him gooey chocolates. Had everyone forgotten him?

At the end of his shift, Chief whisked Pudge off in his squad car. As they sped through town, Officer Pudge couldn’t imagine what was happening. Chief pulled to a stop. “Pudge, out of the car; around the building.” Great! Mayor’s Valentine Dance!

Where was everyone? What was the fuss? Storming up the steps, he wanted to give someone a piece of his mind! “Rotten Valentine’s Day!”

“Surrrprrrissse!” City Hall bustled as Howitzer’s band struck up a familiar tune. “Happy Birthday, Officer Pudge,” the townsfolk sang. They had remembered! Pudge ran off to celebrate with peanuts, cupcakes, and of course; some world-famous lime punch!

21 thoughts on “PoP Goes My Heart! 2nd Annual Pretty Much World Famous Valentiny Writing Contest

  1. Fun story, Maria! I was sold at Officer Pudge! Great first line! Love how he went from being sour at the idea of what was usually shared to sour because no one shared it to happy and surprised that he hadn’t been forgotten after all! Thanks for joining in the Valentiny fun!

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