Introducing something new called “FIND OUT FRIDAY” – Interviews with real people making real differences in their communities – SENIOR FIRE INSPECTOR, JEFF BOSTIAN

FIND OUT FRIDAY is a new feature to the blog where I will be introducing families to important people across the country doing great things in their communities.

To start the segment, I thought of no better person than my hubby, Jeff Bostian, who has over 30 years of fire service experience. We met at Concord Fire Department in May of 1999 and have been together since then.

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From way back in the day… excuse my, “Hurry and take the picture” look on my face!

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Here’s a look at us now… as we enter “middle age!”

This is my interview with the one who will always be “my favorite person in the fire service,” JEFF BOSTIAN:

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Jeff Bostian in helmet. Edwin Shaver beside him.

  1. HOW DID YOU GET STARTED IN THE FIRE SERVICE? – I had always had an interest in the fire service as the volunteer fire station was down the road from our house. I had a cousin who was on that department and I started pestering him to take me on calls with him. As soon as I was old enough (16 years old), I filled out an application to become a Jr. Firefighter and the rest is history!
  2. WHAT DO YOU DO NOW? – I supervise a team of fire inspectors who are part of the Fire Marshal’s Office for Charlotte Fire Department. We keep people safe where they work, shop, eat, and play.
  3. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE MEMORY FROM YOUR TIME IN THE FIRE SERVICE? – It is hard to sing out any one particular memory, but my favorite memories are of the times I was able to make a difference in someone’s life such as pulling a person out of a fire, giving medical aid to people in need, kids that remember you from a safety class, parents that remember you giving their child a station tour, etc.
  4. WHAT’S THE TOUGHEST THING ABOUT WORKING FOR A FIRE DEPARTMENT? – It’s a lot of time away from your family. Also, it can be mentally and emotionally challenging because of some of the incidents you respond to.
  5. DO YOU HAVE ANY REGRETS ABOUT BEING IN THE FIRE SERVICE? – no (I wish you could have heard how quickly he responded, “No!”)
  6. WHAT IS THE BIGGEST HONOR YOU’VE RECEIVED BEING IN THE FIRE SERVICE? – It sounds kinda “cheesy,” but just being able to do it! A lot of men and women try unsuccessfully to make this job a career and can’t.
  7. WHAT DOES A YOUNGSTER NEED TO KNOW TO BECOME A GOOD FIREFIGHTER? – You have to REALLY want to do this job. And what I mean by that is – – – it is a very challenging job: mentally, physically, and emotionally. There is so much to learn and so much to continue learning. You have to be a life-long student; you’re learning something new every day or refreshing skills every day. Most importantly, the word, “QUIT,” cannot be in your vocabulary.
  8. ANYTHING ELSE YOU’D LIKE TO TELL US… So, one way people in emergency services; particularly in the fire service, bleed off stress is to play jokes on each other, cut up, and just laugh. Laughter releases a lot of stress! Long ago, someone made  a device called “The Flipper.” It mounted inside of a locker and held a small cup that you could fill with flour. When a person opened their locker, it would flip the flour down onto them and their crisp, blue uniform. It was always good for a lot of laughs.

By the way, my favorite person in the fire service is celebrating his birthday on Monday, May 4th. Feel free to leave a birthday wish or a comment on his interview in the COMMENT SECTION below or by EMAIL at





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