Wednesday – It’s HUMP DAY! Let’s make a Storyteller’s Bag for tomorrow’s writing prompts.

We’re half-way through the work week… whatever that looks like. For some of us it feels like the 276th day of April. Boy, hasn’t it been a long month?

Today, I’d like to inspire you to create your family’s own storytellers bag. I wish I had a picture of the one I used when I taught. It was a bright burgundy wine colored bag with shiny gold cord. I’m not sure where I got it, but it looked awfully important to the children. And it was — Aren’t all things that stretch the imagination important?

So, in all honestly, your end result may not be a bag. It could be an empty, plastic container, an old shoe box, or an old, oatmeal canister. Don’t get hung up on the word, “bag.” Now go forth and find a container… ideally something that isn’t see-through.

CONTAINER FOUND! (That’s an oatmeal container wrapped in paper.)

Uses for Oatmeal Containers | ThriftyFun

From Thrifty Fun

Now, go find some trinkets around the house/yard that will spark some creativity.

ITEMS FOUND: Here’s an example of one I found on the internet.

Story in a Bag | A Powerful Tool in Understanding Our Children

From: How Does She 

I also suggest: a shiny rock or smooth stone, a small figurine of an animal from another continent, a piece of memorabilia from a special trip or vacation, a shell, a shiny red firetruck (of course!), a picture of someone special in or to your family, etc.

Place the items in the container, sit it in a special place in the house or to build excitement about the activity, hide the container and create a scavenger hunt to help your children find it.

Now, patiently wait until tomorrow to reveal your Storyteller’s Bag (box, container, etc.) and watch creativity come alive.

Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday! Be safe and well, don’t listen to too much news or social media, wash your hands, and find joy today!  

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