Spring Fling KidLit Contest

Hello friends!

I mentioned in my last blog post that I was working on a spring, 150-word writing contest entry. The goal was to pick a kid-friendly, spring GIF and write a story based on the GIF. After looking through GIF after GIF after GIF (Did I mention that I looked through a million and one GIFs?), I finally found one that made me laugh (I like to think that I’m a kid at heart so kids will like it too, right?).

I should have been sleeping, but I decided to spend some time writing instead. In the end, I’d written a 146-word story.

Hope it brings you some comic relief for these crazy times!

May I present to you:


8 Reasons Parents Are Rejoicing That It's Spring - Whats Up Moms

GIF taken from 4-24-19 article at http://www.whatupmoms.com


Donnie asked for a party. I wanted one, too.

Dad said we must earn it. That made us feel blue.

Donnie had plans. Donnie had dreams.

A pizza party with friends was simple, it seemed.


He’d raise all the money. He’d do all the work.

He’d invite his whole class, even ‘ole Dirk.

He planned a big car wash; a big drive-thru line.

He begged me to help. So, I replied, “Fine!”


We made a huge list. Bought every supply.

We scheduled a test run, to give it a try.

Dad drove his car up, so we’d run it right through.

We’d make it all shiny; even better than new.


I was on hose duty. Donnie on suds.

This was our chance to work out the duds.

I grabbed the nozzle – ‘twas ready to go.

Donnie turned on the water and…

I starred in his show!


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