Fire Departments Across the Country Share COVID-19 Safety Information

Harrisburg (NC) Fire Department recently created this flow chart to help others understand and to reemphasize the importance of staying home during this time.

No photo description available.

(As a side note: Walmart had a post on social media today that IF you have to go out for essential items remember: 1 CART —- 1 PERSON. This post was to emphasize the importance of sending one person from the family to the store and not the entire family. Even our fire department is following the same protocol.)

Everyone knows the importance of hand-washing during this time. We’ve seen it and heard it over and over. Our friends at Marietta (GA) Fire Department and Sparky the Fire Dog put together a great video on hand washing for us.

Hope you find this information helpful! Enjoy!

Have a very happy Tuesday! Don’t forget to Wash up! Wash up!

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