Try a Book Scavenger Hunt Today!

Good Monday morning, friends:

So, scavenger hunts seem to be a pretty fun way to pass the time away. Today, one of my educator friends (Thank you very much, Margaret  Cuthbertson!) posted a Book Scavenger Hunt and I instantly knew I had to borrow it for the blog.

No, no, no… you’re not actually going to be collecting books. These scavenger hunts will have you collecting snipets (pieces) from books: a character trait here, a setting there, etc.

Since we can’t visit the library in person (at least not in our area), feel free to use online resources, if needed. Or, call a friend and see what books they have on their bookshelves that might help you. Does your Grandmother keep a stash of books for when you’re over? Maybe she can help!

On your mark – get set – go grab some books and — GO!!!!!

Scavenger Hunt #1 (Again, thanks to Margaret!)

No photo description available.


Scavenger Hunt #2 (Thank you, Scholastic!)

Challenge Kids to a Bookshelf Scavenger Hunt | Parents |


Scavenger Hunt #3 (Thanks to Children’s Minstry Deals!)

For those families incorporating Bible studies, religion, or devotions into your at-home learning routine, this one might interest you, as well. If you have multiple children or learning partners in your home, this might be a great one to do as a Bible drill. One of my fondest memories in church, was doing Bible drills in Sunday School and in Youth Group.

FREE Bible Scavenger Hunt – Children's Ministry Deals

I hope you are able to use one (or all) of these scavenger hunts this week. If you enjoyed the activity, please let me know in the comments below.

I’m trying to post 1-2 ideas a day Monday thru Friday. I’ve got a lot of ideas, but I’d love to hear from you, too. Do you have an idea, a craft, writing project, fun way to learn math or science, etc.? If so, feel free to drop me a line at Please include a description of the activity, directions if needed, and any pictures or examples you have.

Stay safe! Be well! Wash your hands! Try not to stress! And practice social distancing as much as possible!

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