I Love a Challenge! #50PreciousWords

3rd month of the year and the 3rd writing challenge! So happy about that.

Vivian Kirkfield’s #50PreciousWords Writing Contest has been a lot of fun.


Kirkfield created this writing challenge in 2016 to honor Seuss!

This year was tough! I didn’t get inspired like I did last year. I sat and I sat. I scribbled. I wrote a few stories that all seemed to have about 63+ words. I didn’t panic! I didn’t sweat it! I didn’t lose sleep! I just waited… patiently waited.

Today! I waited!

Image result for sarcastic patiently waiting

Finally a few stories came along that would fit the bill.

Story #1: How to Pick a Pet

1. Create a list of 199 options.
2. Cross off ones with drippy fangs, sharp claws, and enormous appetites.
3. Cut any that can’t be bathed in your bathtub.
4. Visit the shelter. See every animal at least twice.
5. Pet the pups, kiss the kittens, and hug the hamsters.
6. Mr. Turtle for the win!


Story #2: My Favorite Place to Be

Dive under water –

make a splash!

“Ripple,” go little waves.

DOWN! Down! down!

Touch the gritty bottom.

“Swish,” goes the sand.

Grab a slick shell; a treasure!

Now, up! Up! UP!

Kicking all the way!

“”Plop,” cries the surface!

Head back, Eyes wide –

Sunlight warms your cheeks.

Ahh! The ocean!


Story 3: Smoke Alarm Saves the Day

I’m a smoke alarm just hanging around.

Way up high where I make a sound

That wakes you up

When your family sleeps.

I’ll get you out before

the thick smoke creeps.

“Beep, Beep, Beep!”

“Hey, get down low!”

“Beep, Beep, Beep!”

“Now out you go!”

Safe at last!






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