Be “Fire Safe” This Holiday Season

While you probably have a million things on your mind and your “to-do” list, don’t forget to allow yourself enough time to celebrate the holidays in the safest manner possible.

Maria’s Top 5 Holiday Safety Tips:

5. NO FLAMING CANDLES – unless in glass coverings and placed out of the reach of children/pets. Use battery-operated candles instead. There are so many brads and options to choose from so purchase ones that fit your budget and your needs.

4. HANG LIGHTS WITH CAUTION – Before handing indoor or outdoor lighting, make a visual inspection of the area first. Look around for obstacles prior to stepping foot onto a ladder (especially power lines outdoors). When decorating, use a sturdy ladder while wearing proper footwear. Make sure you have at least one spotter to hold the ladder. Don’t go at it alone cause if you do; you could get hurt!  

3.  NO CHEAP CORDS – Don’t grab the extension cords at the dollar store or some other off-brand store. Go ahead and get the good ones that have been tested/approved by a NRTL (Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory) for your peace of mind. And remember, never string extension cords (or power strips) together!

2. TURN YOUR STUFF OFF – Give your lights and decorations a rest. No one’s looking at 2 a.m. anyway, so turn your decorations, trees, lanterns off and give them a rest. It will lower your costs and will give them a chance to cool down. Remember that the hotter your tree gets, the faster it dries out!

1. DON’T FORGET ABOUT YOUR PETS – Your standard holiday plants such as poinsettias, paperwhites, mistletoe, and holly can be harmful to your pets so you will want to keep them out of reach of your animals. Also perfumes and alcohol are dangerous for pets, too! Keep those kinds of gifts from under the tree until the very last second!

For more holiday safety tips, check out this infographic from my good friends at ESFI (Electrical Safety Foundation International). For continuous safety information, follow them on their FACEBOOK page.


Got a good lesson or holiday safety tip for us? If so, feel free to share it in the comment section below!


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