How are you gonna keep the little ones occupied during the holidays? Are you already brainstorming activities to keep them busy? It’s never too early to start planning. As a matter of fact, the holidays are just around the corner. Blink twice — and Thanksgiving is here! Blink three times and it will be Christmas Eve!

Well, you are in luck! Boy, do I have the perfect resource for you. The best part is – the resource is all centered around Picture Books! Many people think picture books are just for young kids! I’ve got some important news for you! They are for kids of all ages – even grown-ups!

Vivian Kirkfield’s, SHOW ME HOW! Building Your Child’s Self-esteem Through Reading, Crafting, and Cooking is the perfect resource for spending quality time with children.


Each chapter focuses on an emotion or an aspect of social growth. Each lesson is based upon a picture book with activities included for reading, crafting, and writing.

For example:

Chapter Three: “I Love You and You Love Me!”

One activity centers around the book, The Story of Ferdinand. Remember this lovable bull who likes to sit under the shade trees smelling the flowers? The theme for this story is that “each of us is a unique individual.” Learning this first-hand can sometimes be difficult for young children. But with the help of characters such as Ferdinand, little ones and learn to love themselves for the terrific individuals that they are.

After reaching the story, the craft is a Daisy Chain Necklace made out of paper flowers, ziti pasta, and ribbon (instructions provided). Follow up the story with a delicious bowl of Baked Spanish Rice (recipe provided).

So – do those ideas have your creative juices flowing? Well, good!

smiley face

Now grab your copy of SHOW ME HOW! because there are many other craft ideas and recipes that you won’t want to miss!

Not a parent/caregiver of young children or a babysitter? Think of others who might like this book? SHOW ME HOW! would make a perfect holiday gift!


For more information about SHOW ME HOW! visit Vivian Kirkfield to learn more.


  1. WOW! What an incredible review, Maria! Thank you so very much for the terrific shout-out…and I’m so happy you enjoyed the book.
    By the way, you are so right about the holidays being right around the corner. We’ve got family coming for both Thanksgiving and Christmas, so the activities in the book will sure come in handy. 🙂

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