Susanna Leonard Hill is running her  5th Annual HALLOWEENSIE CONTEST!

To enter the contest , write a 100 word story using the words COSTUME, DARK, & HAUNT (any forms of the words). Post it to your blog by 11:59 p.m. (EDT) Friday and copy/paste the blog post URL in the comment section of  her website.

Join me for some “Haloweensie” Fun! ENJOY!

Nighttime Tale

final bat

“Wake up, Little One.” Your long slumber is over. It’s time to roam the neighborhood. We’ll fit right in.

“Let’s go!” Come down from your roost. Spread dark, velvety wings and ready yourself for adventure.

“Soar!” Tonight’s our night. Use your sonar to find the way. Search for something juicy and delicious.

“Dive!” Down, down below. Mingle with the ghouls and ghosts that haunt in their magnificent costumes.

“Rest well, little one.” All this swishing and swooping has made you sleepy.

This sacred eve is over. The sun is ready to rise.  Another Halloween has come and gone.



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  1. Maria, did you write “Nighttime Tale” below? What a clever take on bats at Halloween! Believe me, I’d _never_ have thought about a baby bat and its mom. Well done! Jetta

    Thanks for sharing, and letting everyone know about the contest.

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