Daisy Dog Helps Miss Scooter

Please consider giving Daisy Dog an opportunity to help sweet Miss Scooter! Purchase copies of What Should Daisy Do?  now through July 9th. $5 from the sale of each book will go to help Miss Scooter’s foster family provide quality care for her special needs!


What Should Daisy Do?

What Should Daisy Do?

Have you bought your copy of What Should Daisy Do? If not, now is the perfect time!

Daisy likes to keep people safe. That’s why she helps Pete the Pig understand the dangers of playing with matches and lighters. Daisy Dog wants to help Miss Scooter, too! She didn’t have a very good start to life and has been left partially paralyzed, needing a wheelchair. She may even face amputation to her rear legs. Isn’t that sad?

How can Daisy help ? When you purchase an autographed copy of What Should Daisy Do? for $15 (July 2nd – 9th), she will donate $5 for the care of this sweet little puppy.

Miss Scooter - Look at that sweet, little face!

Miss Scooter 2 (1)

2 thoughts on “Daisy Dog Helps Miss Scooter

  1. What an awesome idea! Love the pictures you shared of Scooter! Your passion for helping people to become, not only more safety conscious, but more compassionate is inspirational! And just for anyone who is on the fence about the book What Should Daisy Do? I highly recommend it as both a mom of a houseful of boys and as an educator who has effectively been able to use Maria’s book in my PE classes for safety awareness. Can’t wait for the next book by Mrs. Bostian to be released!

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