When purchasing smoke alarms, do not buy second-hand smoke alarms! Check out these photos I recently snapped at a thrift store!

Used smoke alarmused smoke alarm box

So, I’m shopping for thrift store finds when I see smoke alarms on the shelves. I immediately get concerned. Here’s why:

1) Obviously these smoke alarms are used.

2) I have no idea how they were maintained.

3) I have no idea why someone took them out of a home.

4) I have no idea of their history.

Battery-operated smoke alarms are fairly inexpensive and can be purchased at many retail stores throughout the county. Naturally, the features of the smoke alarms will vary with the cost.

There are smoke alarms with 9-V batteries that need changing every six months.

There are smoke alarms with long-life batteries.

There are smoke/CO combination alarms.

There are smoke alarms with allow parents to record messages with their voices.

The bottom line is this: Regardless of price, no life is worth risking because of the price of an alarm is too great. However, no one should put their family in danger by buying a second-hand alarm.

Back of smoke alarm from the picture above.

Back of smoke alarm from the top picture above.

What do you notice about the above smoke alarm? For one thing, this used alarm is going to cost you $2.32. Wow, what a bargain, right? WRONG!

If you look a little closer, you will see that this smoke alarm was manufactured in 2001. Smoke alarms are good for 7-10 years. This particular alarm became out of date in 2011. So if one were to purchase this alarm, one would have paid $2.32 for something that expired four years ago! NOT TOO GOOD!

Want safety devices for your home? Do your homework. Make the best purchase that meet your needs and your income. If funds and/or installation are an issue, check with your local fire department, fire marshal’s office, or American Red Cross office. Many of these organizations offer free alarms with installation services.

Every home needs at least one working smoke alarm! But, please don’t buy these devices (or any other safety devices) at second-hand stores!

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