Wednesday’s Author Showcase – Meet Dora Hiers

Welcome to Wednesday’s Author Showcase!

Its been a few weeks since I’ve done a spotlight, but I am so glad to start back by introducing this talented lady!

Meet writer of heart racing, God-gracing romance – DORA HIERS!

doraDora’s made a name for herself as a Christian Romance Writer. She published her latest two books in 2014 and has at least four more coming out this year.

I often wonder how she finds time to write. She is a devoted wife, mother and meme, not to mention, an avid blogger. Dora is also active in her local library and other community organizations. When she’s not writing, she’s traveling with her husband to exotic lands. Check out her blog, FICTION, FAITH, and FOODIES to see what she and her hubby are doing next. Whether it is celebrating peace in a quiet mountain cabin or tasting authentic food from a terrific, local restaurant, you’ll find inspiration on her site.

Like what you see so far? If so (and I hope you do), try her latest work, Christmas in the Rink by Pelican Book Group. I don’t know about you, but I enjoy a good holiday story any time of the year! ChristmasInTheRinkWant to help Dora out this evening? Visit Dora Hiers – Author Facebook page and help choose a tag line for her next holiday book, Flirting with Mistletoe.

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