Wednesday’s Author Showcase – Laura Taylor

Who wants to deal with a bully? It’s no fun, at all. Bullies are everywhere – at school, at work, on the bus, on your committee. Bullies aren’t just kids. There are adult bullies, too. Let me introduce you to an author whose new chapter book addresses bullying with Christian values.

Today I’d like to introduce you to Laura Taylor. Laura lives in South Carolina and is a writer and close friend of mine. She recently published E.E. Otter and the Bullfrog Bullies to address bullying. It is the perfect read for families who are either struggling with this issue currently or that have children who will face it in the future. That means – – – IT IS FOR ALL OF US! The Bullfrog Bullies are some pretty mean dudes. Their attitudes and actions are great conversation starters for discussions about bullying in your home.

Laura’s belief in God is strong and she stands firm that God provides us with the tools we need to deal with bullying and negative attention. “Whether it is dealing with bullies in life, fear or anxiety, unforgiveness, anything that we as His children wrestle with, He has provided the way to grow in peace, joy, patience, and strength through his commands. He gives us the way to live this thing we call life,” she says.

Laura is a martial arts instructor and a PE teacher who works with many children on a day-to-day basis.She says that her role as a PE teacher gives her an opportunity to notice bullying that classroom teachers often don’t see. Seeing children struggle with self confidence and the negative impact of bullying or teasing gave her the gentle nudge to address this topic. She works to negate it in her classes and has addressed it beautifully in E.E. Otter and the Bullfrog Bullies. 

EE Otter...

 Her work can be found on Purchase your copy today!

When Laura’s not working or watching her children play basketball, she is working on the next set of Bullfrog Bullies tales. I know she would love your feedback on the first book so that she can better prepare for book #2. You can visit her blog or feel free to provide feedback in the form of an Amazon review. Or – – -say, “Hi!” in the comments section below.

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

One thought on “Wednesday’s Author Showcase – Laura Taylor

  1. Great post! So glad that bullying is being addressed, and it’s interesting (but not surprising_ that she sees it in P.E. classes. The book looks like a fun read! Jetta

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