Author Donna L. Martin Is Bringing Back the Fan CLub

Donna L. Martin’s debut children’s book, The Story Catcher, is bringing back the Fan Club. What a fun way to get children interested in the joy of writing and story-telling!

What does the Fan Club offer? See information below:

Remembering The Good Old “Fan Club” Days

By: Donna L. Martin

There was a time, not too very long ago, when most of the kids in America wanted to be part of some TV “fan club.” You know the kind I mean, with decoder rings, secret messages, and special handshakes. It was all about your favorite TV show characters and everyone in the neighborhood knew the words to the fan club’s theme song.

Well, now kids and adults will have a chance to be part of that exciting experience once again with the introduction of my FREE STORY CATCHER FAN CLUB. 

I’ve been working with children for years, but when Anaiah Press announced they were publishing my debut picture book, THE STORY CATCHER, I decided to create a book fan club to help young readers discover the magic to be found within the pages of a good book. 

Members will receive:

1. A printable MEMBERSHIP CERTIFICATE enrolling them into the STORY CATCHER FAN CLUB.

2. A printable STORY CATCHER READING LOG where members can “catch 20 stories to become an official STORY CATCHER.

3. A bi-monthly newsletter stuffed full of games, puzzles, mazes, fun facts, and all the latest STORY CATCHER news. 

4. A short story starring THEM. 

5. Occasional contests and the chance to have their own stories published in a future issue of the STORY CATCHER newsletter. 

Classrooms, day cares, and other youth groups can also join the fun. All that is needed to join the fan club is for an adult to send an email request to me with the member’s name and age to Soon they will receive their membership kit and the fun begins!  

Who wouldn’t want to take advantage of all that Martin’s Fan Club has to offer? What a dedicated author to put so much effort into communicating with her audience! 

Authors, what other ways have you used to communicate with your audience?

Parents/Caregivers, what types of information do you find helpful to inspire learning and the joy of reading outside the classroom?

Please comment below –

Visit Donna L. Martin as she continues her blog tour to promote The Story Catcher.

Donna Martin

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